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Through gaming glass to old China - Age of Wushu

The day before, while I was browsing the internet, I came across advert of interestingly looking mmorpg. It brand new -actually it just launched its first non-beta servers 30 min after I discovered it :). [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 14. 4. 2013

Trip to London + The Magic Band live - 21. 3. 2013

Last weekend I went to see concert of the legendary Captain Beefheart's Magic Band that played in west London. I took this opportunity to spend few days in England's capital and try out my new camera. In detail you can find four photogalleries that came from this trip. [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 21. 3. 2013

Photos from my trip around Plymouth III - 14. 3. 2013

Photos from my roam around Plymouth - this time with my new camera - Panasonic G5. In the gallery there are also pictures of local food speciality - Pasty [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 14. 3. 2013

Photos from my trip around Plymouth II - 18. 2. 2013

Photos from my favorite place in Plymouth. View of the sea from Hoe park. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 26. 2. 2013

Photos from my trip around Plymouth - 10. 2. 2013

Photos from Sutton harbour marina and views from street leading to Hoe park. Plus my lunch - fish (cod) and chips - 5,5£. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 10. 2. 2013

Photos from my voyage to England and first day in Plymouth - 3. 2. 2013

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 3. 2. 2013

EVE online - Old incursion screenshots - 23. 1. 2011

Screenshots from EVE Online - I was cleaning up old folders and found old Incursion fleet screenshots.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 30. 1. 2013

EVE online - Cruiser roam & doing anomalies - 26. 1. 2013

Screenshots from EVE Online - my first 0.0 cruiser roam with my alliance (Nexus). We had a group of about 30 people, consisting mainly of cruisers (Ruptures as dps and Scythes as logi) and tackling Rifters. I was flying T2 fitted tackling Atron (Lucy) and my friend Olda Brož was flying Rifter. We roamed about 10 systems from our alliance home. Soon after we started we caught Typhoon (worth about 180mil) on gate and destroyed it. After that we tried to pick some targets around one of the stations but soon local opposition formed and we were chased out. Olda lost rifter because he stayed behind, but my Lucy got out of it unharmed. There are also few screenshots from highsec life and from doing Anomalies.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 27. 1. 2013

League of Legends page filled

I made League of Legends section of this page. Finish aboutpage, linkspage and added Evelyn and Akali to my favorite heroes page.
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 29. 11. 2012

League of Legends - Songs of the Summoned

Today I watched some videos on youtube and came across songs about League of Legends. I found out there was a contest made by Riot for best fanmade song. [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 22. 11. 2012