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Here you can find records from all blogs on this page plus records about work and school and records concerning anything that doesn't fit into other parts of this website.

Vars Cup - 1. 8. 2012

On Saturday 1.9.2012 I played Open Czech Championship in Petanque tripplets called "Vars cup". [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 7. 9. 2012

Valley of Doubrava river - 23. 8. 2012

I am now spending some time at countryside in Vojnův Městec. My old friend Ondřej Preuss took the opportunity and stopped by on his bicycle trip. Since he had one day free, before he had to continue to Brno, we went on a trip to Doubrava river valley.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 24. 8. 2012

Screenshots from EVE online - Incursion and alliance roam - 7. 2. 2011

Older screenshots (year 2011). Half of them is from Incursion fleet. Incursions just began in 2011 as new feature in EVE - massive player fleet battles against NPC threat.

Other half of screenshots is from my short stay at 0.0 alliance. 0.0 space is part of EVE universe where all star systems are owned and managed by players (resp. player corporations and alliances) and players wage war over them. These screenshots are from one of the alliance roams where we responded to threat from our neighbours.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 24. 8. 2012

Section Warcraft 3 created

I wrote an article about Warcraft III for games section. Warcraft is my most favorite game and game I played the most. You can read full article here.
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 14. 8. 2012

Stolínský Křečák petanque cup - 4. 8. 2012

On Saturday 4.8.2012 I played traditional petanque triplets tournament called "Stolínský Křečák". There were 3 teams from Vojnův Městec. I played with Olda Brož jr. and Šťopka (Pavel Šafránek). We played really well that day and finished first. [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 9. 8. 2012

- 2. 6. 2012

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 5. 8. 2012

- 5. 5. 2012

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 5. 8. 2012

Japan 2011 - 2nd day - 1. 4. 2011

Shugakuin imperial villa (修学院離宮) and walking Kyoto outskirts [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 4. 8. 2012

1st blog record

First blog on this page. Soon, I hope, there will be many more... I am at petanque tournament at Stolín and in free time between rounds I am making progress on this website.
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 4. 8. 2012

- 31. 3. 2011

Visit at Imperial palace (京都御所 Kyōto-gosho), park around it and shogun's fortress - Nijou castle (二条城). [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 4. 8. 2012