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Vajta's Boule 2013 - 15. 6. 2013

Photos from Vajta's Boule petanque tournament. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 28. 6. 2013

Last days - Plymouth and Dartmoor once more - 13. 5. 2013

Photos from last trip I made during my Erasmus exchange trip to England, plus some photos of Plymouth. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 29. 5. 2013

Trip to Dartmoor II - Princetown - 13. 5. 2013

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 15. 5. 2013

Trip to Cornwall - 11. 5. 2013

During my stay in England, I was visited by my good and old friend Ondřej Preuss. First day of his visit we roamed around Plymouth and in the afternoon we crossed river into Cornwall and made few kilometer foot trip into nature. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 12. 5. 2013

Trip to Dartmoor - 12. 5. 2013

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 12. 5. 2013

Japan 2011 - 7th day - 6. 4. 2011

Trip to nara - we visited giant wooden temple Todaiji (東大寺) and then roamed nearby park including botanical garden and Kasuga Taisha (春日大社) shrine. All around the park there are lots of shika deers that were once almost extinct but now they prosper and hunt tourists for crackers that can be bought in local vending machines. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 6. 5. 2013

Japan 2011 - 6th day - 5. 4. 2011

Bycicle trip to Arashiyama (嵐山) that is located in north-west Kyoto near Katsura river. Notable stops are Daikaku-ji (大覚寺) and Tenryu-ji (天龍寺) temples. On the way back we took detour and followed Katsura river to the south. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 6. 5. 2013

Japan 2011 - 8th day - 7. 4. 2011

Okayama city. We visited Crow castle (烏城). It was destroyed and then fully reconstructed after second world war and now it serves as museum with samurai swords, amors and other. Under the castle there is Kōraku-en (後楽園) garden, which is considered one of three most beutiful gardens in all Japan. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 6. 5. 2013

Japan 2011 - 9th day - 8. 4. 2011

Silver pavilon - Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺) and then walk through Philosopher path (哲学の道 Tetsugaku-no-michi) that leads south to Nanzen-ji temple. Then we took a little pause at hotel and after that we went to see Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺), this time beautifully lighten-up at night. Too bad that my compact camera couldn't do it justice - it was one of my best experiences in japan. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 6. 5. 2013

Japan 2011 - 10th day - 9. 4. 2011

Trip to Hikone (彦根市) - a small city located at the coast of lake Biwa. We visited Hikone Castle one of the oldest original-construction castles in Japan. Castle is in really great condition with museum and great garden. [photogallery]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 6. 5. 2013