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League of Legends

Here you can see what heroes I have bought and like to play

Evelyn: the Widowmaker

Assassin, Melee, Stealth

One of my most favorite heroes. Can be played on mid or top or in jungle. Usually played as AP but can AD as well. Her skills dont scale with ap that much but she can cast them so fast that its actually really good. She also has a great escape mechanism and her ulti aside from dealing incredible amount of damage gives her really nice shield. She is really hard to jungle at the beginning of the game, but she is also really great ganger and as levels go jungle becomes easy too. You can find skill description and lore here
Evelyn mid/top guide - zde, Evelyn jungle guide - zde

Jayce: The Defender of Tomorrow

Fighter, Melee, Ranged

My favorite hero for top. He has 6 skills(instead of ultimate he switches between two sets of three skills). You can see me playing as Jayce in this replay.You can find skill description and lore here
Jayce top guide - zde