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26. 1. 2013 - EVE online - Cruiser roam & doing anomalies

Screenshots from EVE Online - my first 0.0 cruiser roam with my alliance (Nexus). We had a group of about 30 people, consisting mainly of cruisers (Ruptures as dps and Scythes as logi) and tackling Rifters. I was flying T2 fitted tackling Atron (Lucy) and my friend Olda Brož was flying Rifter. We roamed about 10 systems from our alliance home. Soon after we started we caught Typhoon (worth about 180mil) on gate and destroyed it. After that we tried to pick some targets around one of the stations but soon local opposition formed and we were chased out. Olda lost rifter because he stayed behind, but my Lucy got out of it unharmed. There are also few screenshots from highsec life and from doing Anomalies.