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Here you can find blog records concerning games I play. Although I dont play as much as i used to, I am still interested in gaming community, particularly in RTS and RPG games.

Between my favorite games are for example Warcraft 3, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Sins of Solar Empire, Heroes of Might and Magic, Men of War: Assault Squad, The Longest Journey, Eve Online.

Aside from this blog, you can find sections about selected games in the menu on the left. These are games I think are really good and I have something more to share about them (be it tutorials, maps, links ets).

Emblemy z Guildwars - 7. 2. 2011

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 27. 9. 2012

Screenshots from Guild Wars 2 - 7. 2. 2011

Mostly landscape and nature screenshots, plus few screenshots from my first dungeon - Ascalonian Catacombs. Screenshots made by my elementalist - KoNO Stargazer and my pretty girl warrior Kurogawa Yuho.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 10. 9. 2012

Section Men of War and maps for Warcraft III up

Section Men of War: Assault Squad in games is now available here. I also finished maps section for Warcraft III. You can find my favourite maps for Warcraft 3 with info and download links here
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 8. 9. 2012

Screenshots from EVE online - Incursion and alliance roam - 7. 2. 2011

Older screenshots (year 2011). Half of them is from Incursion fleet. Incursions just began in 2011 as new feature in EVE - massive player fleet battles against NPC threat.

Other half of screenshots is from my short stay at 0.0 alliance. 0.0 space is part of EVE universe where all star systems are owned and managed by players (resp. player corporations and alliances) and players wage war over them. These screenshots are from one of the alliance roams where we responded to threat from our neighbours.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 24. 8. 2012

Section Warcraft 3 created

I wrote an article about Warcraft III for games section. Warcraft is my most favorite game and game I played the most. You can read full article here.
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 14. 8. 2012