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Warcraft III maps

Here you can find maps I find fun and interesting. All these maps are made for multiplayer - they either don't have singleplayer or they are much less fun in single.

None of these maps was made by me. If the map has homepage there is a link. If you see your map here and it bothers you. Send me email and i will delete it. Its better to download map from homepage, becasue I may not have the latest version.

Defence of the Ancients (DotA) - http://getdota.com/
Most famous map for Warcraft III. Team action - great balance even with more than hundred heroes to choose from.
BattleTanks - http://btanks.net/v2/
Interesting map - on first look it is similar to dota, but it has completely diffrent gamplay. As in dota there are two bases in war with each other, sending troops against each other. Players are in teams allied with those bases and each player controls one hero tank. During game you can purchase better tanks and equip your tank with better weapons and equipment. Tanks automatically shoot their weapons at nearest possible target. Some weapon shoot only at heroes some only at creeps, some at both (some at ground/air etc). Its great battle of positioning and using targeted skills each tank has. Build best tank and defeat enemies. Best played 5v5.
[download BattleTanks v8.76c]
Castle fight Original- http://www.eeve.org/
Castle fight ES - http://castle-fight.net/
One of my favorite maps. Two castles, two teams and two paths between them. Players build structures that automatically build units to attack enemy castle. Players cant control those units. You have to counter enemy units and time your own units so that they spawn at the same time. There are also special buildings like towers etc. Can be played 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 There is classic version and ES version that is little faster, has more races, but is little less balanced.
[download Castle Fight v1.14b] [download Castle Fight ES v1.22a in zip]
Enfo's Team Survival MT Edition - http://mtteam.proboards.com/index.cgi
Another of my most favorite maps. It can be played solo (or in single team), but its best played in two teams of at least two to five players. Players choose one hero and defend base from waves of creeps. There are many diffrent heroes to chose from, but map is balanced. Its great challenge to play - you can play long game at normal difficulty or try to challenge impossible difficulty and count every round. There is also special book of spell, that players can use to aid them or to bother enemy team. Best played 5v5, but can be played with any number of players.
[download Enfo's MT v1.93]
Eve of the Apocalypse: Twilight (EotA) - http://eota.emufarmers.com/
Similar to DotA but more complex. Players can build units in limited ways and there is complex upgrade system for both heroes and items. Sadly although this makes the map interesting its also reason why it is not that popular. It takes while to learn. Best played 5v5 - not that good with less than 3v3.
[download EotA v1.14c9]
Footmen frenzy
Long ago most played map in Warcraft 3. Can be played in four teams - each team has one corner of the map. Each player has hero and towncenter that spawns footmens endlessly. In center of map all teams can meet and fight it out. Target of game is to destroy enemy players towncenter. There is download to classic footmen frenzy 3.9 i used to play and to new version i am not much familliar with. Best played 3v3v3v3 - not playable in less than four people (2v2).
[download Footmen Frenzy 3.9] [download Footmen Frenzy 8.03b]
Kitae's Micro Wars
Training for your micro management skills. Players fight rounds in small 1v1 arenas with premade armies. There is nowhere to run - the best will win. Best played in even number of players - you have to have at least 2 players.
[download Kitae's Micro wars 4.1.1]
Legion TD Wars - http://www.legiontd.com/
Legion TD Mega - http://legiontd.in-goo.com/
Great TD where players can gather lumber and then use it to send additional creeps to enemy team. Well its not TD because players don't build towers, but units that cant be moved. Each wave of enemies units come to life and you watch them defend (you cant control them). Best played 4v4 or at least 2v2.
[stáhnout Legion TD v1.60] [stáhnout Legion TD Mega v3.5]
Power Tower TD
Great tower defence. It comes with interesting twist. Each tower has to be powered by mana. You can harvest mana differently and then send it through relay stations to your towers. Can be played in 8 people, but its not problem to play in less. Can be played in teams or solo.
[stáhnout Power Towers v1.27]
YouTD - http://www.eeve.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2493
Classic tower defence, spiced with randomness. Players are given random towers to build - it can be influenced what element you get - but towers are different. That means each game is unique. There are hundreds of towers in game and all can be upgraded several times. Can be played in 8 people, but its not problem to play in less.
[stáhnout YouTD v1.0]