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Here you can find all blogs about League of Legeds. In submenus on the right you can find basic game inforamtion and relevant links to guides and other game info.

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In construction

League of Legends - still playing

Still playing League of Legends. Its currently preseason of fifth season. I am maining AP support Soraka. [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 24. 11. 2014

League of Legends page filled

I made League of Legends section of this page. Finish aboutpage, linkspage and added Evelyn and Akali to my favorite heroes page.
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 29. 11. 2012

League of Legends - Songs of the Summoned

Today I watched some videos on youtube and came across songs about League of Legends. I found out there was a contest made by Riot for best fanmade song. [read in full]
Jakub Konopásek - writen: 22. 11. 2012