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2. 6. 2012 - Championship in petaque singles 2012

Photos from Czech Republic championship in petanque singles at Vědomice.

Tournament was won by Ivo Michálek. We played in two groups 4 rounds swiss system. After that, 32 best players from each group advanced to play-off. I managed to advance with 3 wins and 1 loss. At best 64 KO, I had a hard time playing match against Pavel Bureš, but in the end I somehow prevailed. At best 32, I played and won another really tiring match against Tomáš Kutý. At best 16 my concentration and playing form got bad and I lost really badly against Iveta Hájková from Stolín. After that I didn't manage to recover and in the end I finished 16th.

Official tournament results here.