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FTL: Faster Than Light

A week ago I discovered this nice little indie game. Its mix of strategy/simulation of a space ship. Game is available on Steam for 10€.

In game you control Federation starship as it is hunted by Rebel fleet. You run from system to system - in each system you fight pirates, rebel scouts, trade, save ships stuck in asteroid fields and so on.. Target of the game is to made it safely through net of systems and to jump from exit point to next sector of space. There it repeats itself in a little harder version. Basicaly player has to balance his greed for unexplored systems full of riches and danger from Rebel fleet that is sweeping the sector.

In game player controls movements of crew through the ship, ships power supply and weapons and other smaller subsystems like drones and door control. It sounds wierd but player doesnt control ship movements and other typical things for ship simulator - but its nice and fun.

There is no savegame in game, except you can resume game you left. Thanks to that, with bad choises, you can die easily. And die = start from begining. Game is consisting of random encounters and random item drops so each playthrough (or in this game try to playthrough) comes with different feel.

Graphic and sounds are simple yet they match great with simplicity of this indie game. UI is friendly and easy to use. And thanks to low hardware requiements this game can easily run on your old notebook.

In short this game is hard, easy to control but hard to master, has relatively nice graphic, low hardware requirement and what is most important - is fun.

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 25. 10. 2012 16:03:19