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Boule of St. Venceslas - 29. 9. 2012

On Saturday 15.9.2012 I participated in doublet tournament Boule of St. Venceslas, which is organized by my petanque club (PK1293 Vojnův Městec).

Tournament was 4 round swiss system with advancement to best eight playoffs.

Sadly there was not enough teams for this tournament to be counted in Czech national ladder - there was only 18 teams. But many of those teams were quiet strong - there was for example Jakub Konšel (at that time first in czech ladder) with Veronika Slobodová or Fighters team - Pavel Hejl with Radek Netušil. I played with Ondřej Preuss.

In first round we played moderately badly and with narrow margin lost to team of Olda Brož sr. with Šťopka. After that we managet to pull ourself together and advanced from swiss system with 3 wins and one loose. In playoffs we easily won against Pavlem Bareš with Radek Turínský and team from Fenx Adamov (Patrik Schimmerle with Jan Charvát). In finals we didnt play as well as we could and lost against Jakub Konšel with Veronika Slobodová. They almost didnt advance from swiss system, but in final match they proved their rank in czech ladder is not just for show.

Official touranment results on ČAPEK website zde

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 30. 9. 2012 11:19:43