Selské koule - 15. 9. 2012

On Saturday 15.9.2012 I participated in doublet tournament Selské koule, which is organized by Petanque Parta Sněžné club.

Tournament was located in village of Daňkovice which is situated about 30km from Vojnův Městec. I got my drivers licence the day before and so I tried to drive our old car Škoda Felicie. There were three teams participating from Vojnův Městec petanque club. Me and Olda Brož senior, Olda Brož jr. with Šťopka (Pavel Šafránek) and Slávka Tabáková with Radekem Turínský.

Tournament was played as four round swiss system with advancement to best eight. There was B tournament for the rest played as three round swiss system with no playoffs.

Usually easy terrain in Daňkovice was ruffled and little wet. We started good but as the terrain dried it became more and more unpredictable and we didnt adapt well. In swiss system we ended with 2 wins and 2 losses. We were quiet disturbed with our bad play and Olda even didnt want to play B tournament. But I was main jury and so we stayed. In B tournament we finally began to adapt to terrain and we started to enjoy the game. We finished with 3 wins at first place.

Official touranment results on ČAPEK website zde

Jakub Konopásek - writen: 20. 9. 2012 11:44:43

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15. 9. 2012 - Turnaj v Daňkovicích

Photos from tournament at Daňkovice called Selské koule. I didn\'t have a camera with me so I took only few shotw with my mobile HTC HD.
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