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Warcraft III links & hotkeys


Since long time ago I am using my own custom hotkeys for both Warcraft III and DotA. I am using modified grid setup. Meaning


Replayers and WCReplays - websites dedicated to gathering Warcraft 3 replays - casual and proffesional. When you want to learn how to play Warcraft 3 multiplayer - first look how the best do it. In my time me and my friends too watched pro legends of the time - Grubby, Tod, Skye, Moona and many others. One of a few bad things there are about Warcraft is that you cant watch replays from older Warcraft versions. (Well you can but you need special tool to downgrade you W3).

Replayers - http://tft.replayers.com/
My favorite replay site from the old times (working since 2002).
WCReplays - http://www.wcreplays.com/
Not as nice as Replayers but still great replay databases. And whats more, they offer great audio commentaries.

These are great depositories of Warcraft 3 Maps.

Nibbits - http://wc3.nibbits.com/
Nicely organized database of more than 60 thousands maps. Allows searching maps by keywords and categories.
EpicWar - http://www.epicwar.com/maps/
Warcraft 3 map archive gathering maps since year 2004 - but little less user friendly than Nibbits.