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Men of War: Assault squad

Really great multiplayer game. I say multiplayer because singleplayer is I think the biggest weakness of this game. Men of war games can be compared to old commandos games, where you controlled small force of elite soldiers through rich storyline. Assault squad comes with bigger playing field, but has repetitive singleplayer consisting of missions where you assault enemy position. It is not even practice for multiplayer, because units have different costs and you can build units that are not in multiplayer.

If multiplayer is so great why is this game more known and popular? First cause singleplayer suks and most people download the game from torrent and than buy it if they like it. Second - the game is complex and has much much to offer. If you come to game you are overwhelmed by many many units, manual control (you can switch to manual and move unit with aswd keys and shoot with mouse - nice for tanks or timing graneds lol); units have inventory with several types of granades, amunition etc., tanks have multiple ammunition, terrain is 3d and most structures are destructible. There is great realistic fog of war where infantry can see at long distance and tanks dont, so you have to escort them. Its really great, but it is really unfriendly to new players. There is no tutorial. So you start a game, save money and buy big tank, so that you can get instantly owned by one enemy soldier with AT granade. (Good player always has some soldiers with autofire turned off hidden in bushes. When infantry doesnt fire its almost invisible to tanks.)

If you wana play it in multiplayer - and multiplayer is the best here - you have to read first. Read tutorials, watch videos, ask friend etc. You can find some materials in Useful videos / texts menus.