This web is just outlet for some of my photos and musings about my hoobies (Mainly petanque and computer games). © KoNO 2018
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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jakub Konopásek

Birth date: 6.7.1985


Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Bachelor's degree in informatics attained in 2009. Bachelor thesis name was "Database of Publications with use of PHP".

Masters degree finished in 2011. Diploma thesis name was "Design of Web Content Management System". Thesis contains design of unique WebCMS application written in HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP languages. Application is designed according to principles of object programming and data normalization.

Currently doing PhD study in program of Information Management. Writing PhD thesis "Decision Support with use of Dynamic Geographic Information Systems".

Foreign languages:

My native language is Czech.

I have very good knowledge of English. I can understand English speaking person without any problems. I watch and listen to English video and audio materials on regular basis without subtitles or any aids. But I am not used to speaking in English.

I can make simple conversation in Japanese. But I have only limited knowledge of writing and reading - I can read and write hiragana, katakana and about 100 kanji.

I was learning French for 7 years at high school, but sadly I didn't have much chance to use it. Now, I can understand simple written text in French, but I would have big problems if I needed to make more than very basic conversation.

Professional knowledge and experience:

I have been making web pages for several years now. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. At first I was using structured programming techniques, but later i switched to object programming. I specialize in WebCMS and web sites based on extensive usage of database. I created various web pages and contributed to several interesting projects. Here are some examples: complex redaction system for Czech sociology journal Biograf; webCMS for pages of Center for Theoretical Study, joint workplace of Charles University in Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (http://cts.cuni.cz/); eshop Mangaya (http://mangaya.cz/); tournament signup system for Czech petanque club association ČAPEK (http://petanque.cstv.cz/); homepage of petanque club 1293 Vojnův Městec (http://pk1293.vojnuvmestec.cz/). I have basic knowledge of computer hardware, networking, software - I can easily put together computer from components or configure office network with router.

Other skills and hobbies:

I play petanque. In year 2011 I participated in more than 13 tournaments including national championships of triplets, doubles and singles. My other hobbies are japanese calligraphy and ink painting, I like to read classic detective novels, I listen to new wave and alternative rock. In free time I casually play computer games and I like to read Japanese manga and watch sci-fi and anime series.